A local pub we all know and love is celebrating five years of ownership on Sunday.

The Crescent Bar and Grill is hitting a milestone — five years of ownership by Jen Macdonald and her team of loyal and dedicated staff.

Starting out with new ownership, Jen and co-owner at the time Vickie Dick wanted to amp up the Crescent pub.

‘‘At the start when we first stepped in, it was just a classic boozer, but it had potential to be so much more than that,’’ Jen said.

‘‘It was only making around $50 a week in food sales, which I definitely wanted to change.’’

‘‘In the first week of us owning the business, we turned over $500 in the week with food sales.

‘‘It’s now become a huge change from what it used to be.’’

The pair bought the pub from the Clutha Licensing Trust in 2018 and they were determined to make it work.

Since Jen has owned it, she has painted, refurbished and built up an incredible culture in the Bar and Grill, right in the heart of Kaitangata.

Locals adore the pub, and tourists, passers-by and visitors from all over come to try their amazing food and have a drink or two.

The Crescent has a full team of staff who love coming into work, and Jen said she was proud of the work put in by herself, her friends and family and locals who helped out.

‘‘The Crescent wouldn’t be the staple it is today without the help from everyone, and they know who they are,’’ Jen said.

‘‘Going into this business I knew it would be my last job — my last hurrah if you could say that.’’

‘‘I wanted it to work and I wanted to lift up the Crescent.

‘‘And it’s worked. So many people love this pub.’’

The Crescent Bar supports their community and district as best they can. They donate and sponsor endless groups in Kaitangata and they do what they can to help groups like sports teams, clubs, groups and further wide causes.

They recently held a fundraiser for the Cyclone Gabrielle tragedy, which raised $1000 for the cause.

‘‘There are so many ways we love helping in the community, and we take almost every opportunity to do so.’’

The team at the Crescent Bar and Grill would like to extend their biggest thanks to the people who have helped them to five years in Jen’s ownership.

‘‘I’m very thankful to those who have supported this business and bought some food, beers and everything in between.

‘‘It’s a cool achievement and long may it continue,’’ Jen said.

The Crescent Bar and Grill is always super keen for folk to come along and have a drink, have some of their delicious food and spin a yarn.

Keep an eye out for their hours and catch up with them at 2 Clyde Terrace, Kaitangata, or give them a call on (03) 413-9790 for any inquiries.

Best in town . . . The Crescent Bar and Grill are always cooking up delicious treats and goodies for their customers.