About Us

The Clutha Leader is an Allied Press weekly community publication delivered free to homes in the Clutha district every Thursday. It began publication in 1874 and continues strong to this day, bringing quality community news right to your doorstep every week. Our newspaper team strives to continue to provide local news for local people, and we’re always on the move for our next best story.

Our team consists of:

Richard Davison – The Bureau Chief. Richard is a kind-hearted individual who guides our quaint office through the week and brings joy to our Mondays through to Thursdays. He publishes many articles for the Otago Daily Times and always assists his top two reporters in their weekly endeavours with stories. Richard is an excellent reporter and is equipped with the expertise of a lifetime. He also gives great, unbiased advice! Richard is our number one inspiration and never fails to provide quality banter, quick knowledge and reassurance to the team wherever he can.

Nick Brook – The Reporter. Nick is a hardy soul of wide experience, always intent on providing quality stories to our paper and top tier humour in the office. He’s quick on his feet and great with grounding people, always providing reassurance and advice where needed. Nick is a man of his word, and will always keep to it. He is also very articulate and is good with getting his point across. When reporting, Nick doesn’t take sides. He knows readers are finished with partisanship, and the only respect and gratitude he expects is for upholding the Journalistic Code of honest, balanced and unbiased reporting.

Evelyn Thorn – The Junior Reporter. Evelyn is a youngster who has always wished to write. She is new to the world of journalism and reporting, and she loves to learn as she goes. Evelyn loves working alongside her fellow reporters as she takes inspiration from them and implements it into her own working ways. She works the website and uploads articles online, and runs the digital website side of things. Being a younger person in an office where everyone is wise and experienced, Evelyn is always gathering information and wisdom to better herself through her work.

Roz Taylor – The Media Sales Consultant. Roz is a bubbly and lively personality who brings incredible energy to the office. She’s a person you can always talk to about anything, and she’s an amazing asset. Roz is always bringing the best humour and positive vibes to work, you can always count on her and she’s a staple for the office. She makes advertising fun and gives our paper a pop of colour every week!

Christine Eyles – Advertising Support/Administration. Christine is a gentle person and is incredible on the front desk, always providing our clients and customers with any information they want or need. She has the answer to pretty much everything, and she’s always got a lovely story to tell. Christine does classified advertisements for the Otago Daily Times and the Clutha Leader, and she does it well. You can always count on Christine’s knowledge and expertise.

Megan Pope – Advertising Support/Administration. Megan is a spirited and kind person who never fails to tell it how it is. She handles the front desk Monday through to Thursday and she knows the ways of the office like the back of her hand. Any queries and concerns go straight to Megan, because she knows what she’s doing. Sales support, old papers, articles from way back, Megan will dig it up for you. She’s got a hearty laugh and we all love it.

Written by Evelyn Thorn on behalf of the team.