The Crescent Bar and Grill is all about providing local quality food, service and assistance to its community and district.

The Crescent Bar offers a range of incredible meals and opportunities.

The pub is always helping its town and has become a strong asset to many in the town.

Owner Jen Macdonald is the lead of the local delivery service the pub offers in its area.

She realised there were no meals on wheels opportunities for older folk and working people in the area and she wanted to change that.

The delivery service offers dinner and dessert options and a five-meal combo option for only $60.

The delivery service offers a range of hearty home-cooked meals, including roast dinners, butter chicken, lasagne, salad and many more.

Many enjoy the variety of meals, which are affordable and delicious.

The Crescent Bar and Grill also hosts many events, including last week’s duck-calling competition, its annual Halloween party, quiz nights, fundraisers and more.

Along with that, it also makes 150 healthy school lunches for children in Kaitangata and Stirling every school day each week.

Special deals include Friday pizza nights and constant deals on its Facebook page and social media.

Crescent Bar and Grill owner Jen Macdonald’s daughter and staff member Kirsty Nolan said she never would have thought the pub would be where it was today.

‘‘I’ve watched the Crescent Bar and Grill grow from day 1.

‘‘I never would have thought when Mum first told me she was buying the Kai pub that this is where we’ll be now,’’ she said.

‘‘Our staff have turned into family, customers have turned into friends and there is just such a great atmosphere in the place every day.

‘‘I never thought I’d like working at a pub, but I absolutely love my job at The Crescent Bar and Grill.

‘‘I love that we are in a position where we can help our community — it’s just such a good feeling being able to do that,’’ she said.

Kirsty said she gave huge credit to her mum for giving it a go and sticking it out for five years.

‘‘It’s a tough job running a pub. I take my hat off to Mum.

‘‘She has stuck at it and has never given up.

‘‘It’s not always fun and games, and there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears along the way. But we did it. Here’s to many more,’’ Kirsty said.

‘‘Cheers Mum to five years.’’

The Crescent Bar and Grill is always welcoming people in for a drink and a meal — come along to 2 Clyde Tce, Kaitangata and experience the amazing atmosphere.

Hot, fresh and delicious . . . The Crescent Bar and Grill has an
amazing selection of meals for dine in, takeaway or delivery.