Sharing love a world away . . . Surat Bay local Deborah Frandsen and mother Joyce celebrate Mother’s Day from afar each year. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Mother’s Day is celebrated in various parts of the world to express respect, honour, and love towards mothers. The day honours the endless contribution of mothers, acknowledges the efforts of maternal bonds and the role of mothers in our society.

A lot of people get the opportunity to spend the day with their mother and enjoy every moment in person.

But some do not get such opportunities.

For one Surat Bay woman, Mother’s Day hits particularly harder than other holidays.

Local woman Deborah Frandsen has lived in South Otago for six years. A ‘‘lifestyle change’’ meant she and her husband Grant moved to New Zealand from Alberta, Canada — away from Deborah’s family and particularly her mother Joyce, with whom she has always been close.

‘‘We originally moved to New Zealand because Grant’s parents lived here and we thought it would be an easy transition to live in another beautiful place,’’ Deborah said.

‘‘Being away from my mother wasn’t too bad! At the beginning.

‘‘And then Covid-19 hit.’’

Deborah was used to going overseas to see her mother at least once a year but when Covid-19 lockdowns began to roll in, she didn’t get to see her mother for over three years.

‘‘We both found it really difficult,’’ Deborah said.

‘‘It was more because we didn’t have the option to come over and there were too many restrictions.

‘‘It was very hard not seeing each other and there were lots of tears over the years.’’

Her mother is now 78 so Deborah took the first opportunity to grab plane tickets and get over to Canada last year.

When she finally got to see her mother in person, she felt emotion buzzing through the air.

‘‘I just remember dropping my bags and running through the airport,’’ Deborah said.

‘‘Oh, there were tears! There were many tears. But it was so special.’’

‘‘I spent seven weeks over there with mum. We put 3500kms on her car and did a massive road trip visiting people and spending time together. It was the best road trip of my life.’’

She said the pair had their own Mother’s Day when they spent time together along with cramming birthdays, Christmas and holidays all into the time they spent together.

‘‘Mother’s Day has become even more special than it already was. I love my mum so much and I’m so glad I got to see her.’’

Deborah doesn’t get to see her mum in person this Mother’s Day but will make up for it when she visits Joyce in June this year.

‘‘I’ve already sent the card over and I am so excited to go over again. I know I’m no 18-year-old just moving out of home freshly pining over missing my mum, but mothers are so special and we should celebrate them all the time.’’