Here are some tips to amp up your home. Guthrie Bowron Flooring Xtra Balclutha is the perfect one-stop shop for everything regarding interior design you may be looking for.

Updating your flooring is a big decision, and there are a number of things to keep in mind when making your selection.

Choose flooring with the look of the whole room in mind, rather than in isolation. It should be subtle and neutral, and fit with your colour scheme without being dominant.

Give cohesion to your home by using common elements in each room. This creates flow and unity, and therefore a feeling of space.

Flooring is one of the largest surface areas in a home, which makes it the perfect product to unify a decorating scheme.

Try to create a seamless transition in flooring, link hard with soft flooring by looking at the colours in each and tying them in closely.

This makes movement from room to room less obvious in a house. A good rule is to have no more than three types of flooring in a home.

Different fibre types have individual benefits. Consider the maintenance and colorfastness properties when deciding what carpet to put where.

Our friendly experts will give you all the help you need. Come along and tell us all about what you’re looking for and we can give you all the help you desire in flooring.

Now if it’s your windows that need attention, not only are curtains great at keeping the warmth of the day in and the cooler night air out; they can set a new mood for your room.

Whether you want to create a welcoming resort-style feel or a cosy nest when heading into winter, curtains are an essential element. Our curtain fabrics and treatments come in a huge range so the perfect pattern and price is just waiting on your inspiration.

But if it’s a sleek modern look that you’re after, without compromising on warmth, then you can’t go past the Duette (honeycomb) Blinds from Luxaflex. The heat retention of Duette blinds are actually better than lined curtains.

We have a wide range of curtain fabrics and blind options available. Just pop in-store and talk to our friendly team who will help you find the perfect combination of treatment, fabric and lining to work best with your ideas.

Colour transforms a space, as colour evokes our emotions and creates a feeling within a room. With wallpaper you can add as much colour as you want to a room, you can select a floral piece with every pastel hue imaginable or one tone of light grey.

Wallpaper gives you the ability to explore your colour palette in exciting ways. Within Guthrie Bowron’s catalogue, you can also search through wallpaper options based on the base colour you want to use, refining your search for your colour preference.

If it’s the flooring option you are after, see for their online catalogue of winter specials.

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