Time is the best gift for Mother’s Day

Treat mum . . . Give mum the best of the best this Mother’s Day and treat her to a luxury night out at Kaka Point Luxury Spa Accommodation. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Write it down, put a post-it note on your wall, or type it into your digital reminders — Mother’s Day is coming.

Of course, we can go on and on about what to get mum for Mother’s Day this year — but at the end of the day, we know what the day is really all about.

Mother’s Day is all about spending time with her.

The Clutha district has various options to buy gifts for your mother, especially if you are looking to spend time with her on the day.

Audrey Faddes of Matau Garden Centre recommends getting your mother some amazing flowers, right from the hands of the garden centre’s amazing florists.

She believes buying seeds for flowers, plants and more from Matau Garden Centre is the perfect gateway to spending time with mum in the garden or even doing it yourself while mum relaxes.

‘‘It’s a good idea! If the grandkids or family members are around, get all hands on deck in mum’s garden and tidy it up, weed it out and get it covered just in time for winter so mum doesn’t need to stress at all or even be in the garden.

‘‘We’ve got pea straw and mulch here to get the garden perfectly covered.

‘‘If mum is particular about her garden she can jump in and tell people what to do, and make a day of it,’’ she said.

‘‘We’ve got plenty of seeds for orchids and cyclamen, we’ve got indoor plants and also bulbs for daffodils and tulips which are very popular and would be beautiful in the garden.’’

Giving mum a hand in the garden means you can spend an hour, morning, afternoon or entire day with her and appreciate quality time together on Mother’s Day — because that is what it’s all about!

Getting her a gift voucher from a place she may enjoy, whether it be a cafe, restaurant, spa or store, is an amazing idea.

But a way to ramp it up would be to get those vouchers to include yourself, giving you the opportunity to spend that time together having a meal, going to a spa or shopping at a store.

It’ll amp up your gift — and mum will love it.

Kaka Point Luxury Spa and Accommodation owner Lisa Watt said getting a voucher for not just mum, but yourself and mum was the perfect option, and would treat the both of you to a nice time away at the luxury spa accommodation .

The Point Cafe & Bar in Kaka Point will be open serving its famous blue cod and seafood chowder, and will be generously giving a free gift to all mothers on the day until the cafe and bar runs out.

A great time away in Kaka Point for mum.

Tori Laban at the Balclutha Town and Country Club suggests booking yourself and mum in for an amazing buffet meal on the day, or coming along for a drink and some pool or darts.

‘‘We’ve got a selection of amazing food and we’ll have ham and beef fillet with all the trimmings as well as all of the sides on the menu.’’

Floral flair for mum . . . Matau Garden Centre florist Tirina Anderson can assist with all of your floral gifts for mum this Mother’s Day. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN