Sue Simpson started her teaching career as a maths and chemistry teacher, and still loves teaching maths.

Within months of opening the tuition centre (originally a Kip McGrath centre), 60 students were turning up every week — taught by Sue or one of her team of experienced teachers.

The same process has been used all along: Sue assesses the student, prepares the initial lesson, and the learner is assigned to an appropriate tutor, who very quickly becomes the expert on the student and their needs.

Sue quickly discovered that targeted tuition worked as most students made great gains, but she was concerned about students who worked hard but made little progress.

This led to an enormous amount of research into reasons why children did not succeed, followed by a search for interventions to help them to overcome the barriers to learning.

It was not ethical to provide tuition if a different intervention could make it easier for a student to learn, or eliminate the problem altogether.

The most common barrier to learning is Irlen’s syndrome, and for 18 years Sue has been the only Irlen expert in South Otago.

Many lives have been transformed, and others have merely found learning easier.

Irlen is so common it will affect a few students in every classroom to some degree.

The search for solutions saw Sue become the local Cellfield provider in 2009.

This is a powerful, neuroscience-based intervention for dyslexia that has a massive impact far greater than any other method.

Adult learners see an average six-year improvement in their reading age after 10 hours’ treatment.

The overall average is two years’ improvement after 10 hours in as little as one week.

Irlen diagnosis or Cellfield, which can transform lives, makes In2Learning the most satisfying business Sue can imagine.

Here for you . . . In2Learning business owner Sue Simpson
is here to help you reach your potential.