Mum great supporter of the Royals

By the time this article appears in the paper the coronation of King Charles III will be over, and all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it.

Some in Britain and the Commonwealth got to vantage points lining the route days before.

They camped there for several nights. All sorts of memorabilia have been available for purchase.

My mother was a great supporter of the Royal Family and many copies of books, tea towels, cups and saucers were kept in pride of place in our home.

When my parents went overseas after retiring, Mum was in her element being able to view those special places that she had dreamed of seeing, such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, to name just two.

After that trip there were a few more items that made their way home to the mantelpiece!

There is a wide range of views about the monarchy now. There is a feeling of loss for the people of Britain, who were so used to seeing and hearing about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned wisely for over 70 years.

For people of my era, we have been so used to having a queen for most of our lives, so there is some adjustment to think of a king.

For some there is general apathy towards the monarchy, and there is more opposition to the monarchy in recent times.

I have probably watched most of the more important events over the years, but am I watching because I am a royalist through and through, or just because it is the expected thing to do?

I’ll sit on the fence with that one.

King Charles III is a great advocate for the environment.

His leadership will see some changes to the monarchy in the year to come.

I can only wish him and Queen Camilla all the best for the future, as they face together the challenges that will beset a historic institution as it seeks to survive in a modern world.

• West Otago Community Board chairwoman Barbara Hanna