Spate of burglaries being investigated

Police in Balclutha are urging local businesses to keep safe after more places were burgled last week.

Police have been investigating a burglary at local business Hairworkz which occurred last week.

Sergeant Chris Parsons said a ‘‘considerable’’ amount of property was stolen, and it seemed police had ‘‘[opened] a can of worms’’ while investigating the incident.

‘‘We’re trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and we’ve got some good leads so far, so it’s just a matter of continuing to figure it out,’’ Sgt Parsons said.

Sgt Parsons wanted to remind local businesses that there were lots of opportunists around, and they should take steps to ensure they were being safe.

‘‘Take the time to limit social media posts where you may be pricing items, keep valuables away from windows and door displays and invest in quality security cameras, as they can ultimately be priceless in situations including theft,’’ he said.

On Thursday night, a vehicle was stolen in Milton and recovered later on.

Police are making inquiries.

Police have also noticed an increase in poaching reports and complaints around the district and are encouraging locals to keep an eye out for makes and models of vehicles if they see suspicious activity in their area.