Local business owners are providing Clutha district schools with active solutions for their pupils.

Balclutha men Simon Cleverley and Allan Finch teamed up to create and donate a bike rack for primary schools in the area.

The transportable bike rack can fit on a trailer and hold between 15 and 20 bikes.

There was only one bike rack in the area before the new one was made.

‘‘It took about 16 hours or so to make,’’ Mr Finch said.

The pair said they wanted children to spend less time on their devices and more time being active on their bikes.

‘‘It’s just good for kids to get out and about,’’ Mr Cleverley said.

‘‘They can hop off their iPads and on to a bike to get some exercise in.’’

There were ‘‘plenty of great bike tracks around the district which should be utilised’’, Mr Finch said.

Schools could request to use the bike rack if they were going on trips or needed it to transport bikes.

Balclutha Primary School principal Vicki Neave said the pupils had already given the bike rack a go at their school trip to Bannockburn at the beginning of the term.

‘‘It was a great experience and it meant all of the kids had the chance to utilise their bikes on the camp.

‘‘The kids used their bikes for the entire week.

‘‘We really appreciate the opportunity to have the bike rack, and we’re very thankful.

‘‘It will be awesome for all schools to access it when they need it, so all our local kids have the chance to be active.’’