A local food bank is struggling to stock food.

The Clutha Budget Advisory Service (CBAS) has had ‘‘significantly’’ low amounts of food staples for households, including tinned tomatoes, beans and more.

The Balclutha food bank’s supply has been growing smaller due to an increase in demand, fewer donations from supermarkets and food from KiwiHarvest.

Financial mentor and CBAS co-ordinator Lee-Anne Michelle said she was ‘‘aware’’ of the bigger picture in food shortages.

‘‘We know it’s a tough time at the moment and everyone is struggling,’’ Ms Michelle said.

‘‘We’re hoping everyone is able to get by and we’re doing the best we can with what we have.

‘‘It’s a hard time at the moment but we know everyone is doing their best.’’

She said she has seen more people coming in as their last resort to ask for ‘‘anything that could help.’’

‘‘We would never judge people on their reasons for coming to us, we’re always here to help. People’s shouldn’t be embarrassed to come in — that’s what we’re here for.

‘‘Through mortgage rates, rent and the overall cost of living, we’ve seen how difficult it is for many people to get ahead.’’

Ms Michelle and her daughter, Food Hub assistant Jess, have seen themselves engaged in more financial assistance for people who need help with budgeting.

‘‘People are welcome to join our MoneyCafe to discuss money, debt, scams and financial skills to ensure they’re confident in their financial abilities,’’ Ms Michelle said.

New World has been encouraging their Family2Family donation bags, which they have been contributing to the food hub.

‘‘Feel free to drop something off if you have anything spare — we’d really appreciate it.’’