A gift of Christmas spirit was given by young to old when local kindergarten children came to sing at Holmdene Home for the Aged in Balclutha on Tuesday last week

Christmas songs rang out across the rest-home’s lounge in the voices of preschoolers and parents for about half an hour before the residents’ afternoon Christmas party.

‘‘It’s really nice to get out in the community to spread some cheer and make some connections,’’ Balclutha Kindergarten head teacher Jolene Barclay said.

‘‘It’s teaching [our children] to care for everybody and that elderly people enjoy singing just as much as we do . . . and to make time for other people, especially at this time of year.’’

After clapping along to action-songs and a circle-dance parade, the children went among their elderly hosts to give out gifts of chocolate treats.

‘‘My children went to Balclutha Kindergarten,’’ Holmdene resident Pam McDonald said.

Youngest to oldest . . . Seasonal cheer was shared by kindergarten carollers and seniors at a Balclutha rest home. PHOTO: NICK BROOK

‘‘Every person loves the dear little children, especially elderly people . . . They don’t see that much of them sometimes because families are all scattered, so it brought us great joy. It really makes you feel like Christmas when you see children all together . . . we love to see their parents with them and how relaxed they all are.

‘‘Thank you to our coordinators and the kindergarten people to get it organised. All I can say is to have a merry Christmas, from all of us folk.’’