South Otago Bowling Club — Tuesday, Nov 8, South Otago women’s interclub points: Balclutha Pink 8, SOT&C Blue 7, Balclutha White &Milton Blue 6, Balclutha Red, Milton Gold &Milton Tartan 5, Clutha Valley 4, SOT&C Gold &Waihola 2. Mid Week interclub Thursday, Nov 10: Owaka 31 Combined 17, Balclutha Stags 24 Finegand 20, Owaka United 20 Milton Saints 17, Kaka Point Penguins 20 Kaka Point Nuggets 14, MiltonAngels 18 SOT&C 14, Balclutha Bulls 23 Balclutha Rams 11, Waihola 16 Kaka Point Rollers 13. Saturday, Nov 12: South Otago3 Five event with the winners to represent South Otago inthe national finals at Naenae in May. Milton, Brian Cowie, Sandy McNoe & Marion Woodhead 12 game points, 8.5 set points, and anet + 41; Clutha Valley, Jimmy Souness, EileenGrant & Avis Rishworth 12 game points, 5set points, and a net + 28; Finegand, Tylor Cook, Robert Wilson & Jane Wintringham 9 games points, 6.5 set points, and a net + 17; Balclutha, Noddy Thomson, Blair Thomson & Trish Thomson 9 game points, 5 set points, and a net-9; Owaka,Murray Patterson, Dawn Smith & Bryan Price 9game points, 4 set points and a net -16. South Otago men’s 1-10 singles, Sunday, Nov 13.Post section: PAdams 21 beat H Koni 12. Semifinals: P Hickey 21 beat PMcNabb 11, P Adams 21 beat TDovey 11. The final will be played on finals weekend, January 21-22.

South Otago senior team to play Eastern Southland at the Balclutha BowlingClub on Sunday, Nov 20. Morning tea9.30am, play starts 10am. Bring own lunch. Team 1: Blair Thomson (s), John Bisset, Geoff Wilson, Stu Uren. Team 2: DaveBichan (s) Neil Walker, Kenny Wilson , Allan Phillip. Team 3: Graeme Hill (s) Sandy McNoe, Murray Patterson , Reilly Paterson. Team 4: Brian Cowie (s), Rodney Bird, Dave Roxburgh, Ray Low. Team 5: Robert Wilson (s) Neville Thomson, Neville Twaddle, Craig Wyber.

South Otago development team to play Eastern Southland at Mataura 18 Oakland Street on Sunday, Nov 20. Meet at Balclutha Bowling Club at 8am to sort cars and get tops, take ownlunch and $10 todrivers. Singles: Paul Hickey and Paul Adams. Pairs: Tylor Cook (s) Logan Carr, JockPeoples (s), HaydonKoni. Triples: Alistair Allison(s), Henk Geers, Bruce Hore, Wayne Reeves (s) Jason Sanders, Lyall Macnee. Fours: Keith Johnston (s) Gerry Cosgrove, Dave Findlay, Mathew Carr. Kevin Reid(s) Trevor Dovey, Mike Brown, Paul McNabb.Manager: Bryan Price.