Cake, jelly and ice cream were plentiful as Balclutha Mainly Music celebrated its 20th birthday at St Marks Church Hall in Renfrew St last Friday.

‘‘We’re actually celebrating 20 years since Mainly Music moved to the Anglican church,’’ activity leader Rosalie Hutton (pictured left foreground) said.

‘‘It was at the Presbyterian church for about 10 years first.’’

Dance and play set to music with props and accessories like parachutes and bubbles are added to storytelling and shared kai for a fun family day.

‘‘It combines play, interractivity, body co-ordination and exercise with networking and community building, which is very important for parents as well as the children,’’ Mrs Hutton said.

A well as being a popular group activity in most towns and communities, Mainly Music was an official organisation with a head office in Auckland, she said.