Pupils from Clutha district schools gathered at Balclutha’s Cross Recreation Centre for the second round of the year 8 top team competition. Eight teams meet once a term — plus at a final in term four — to collect the most points, and after a quiz competition last Thursday, the teams competed in a game of ultimate frisbee. ‘‘We’re fast but not the best at catching or throwing, so we’re practising that now,’’ 11-year-old Kade Buchanan of Balclutha Primary School said.

Teamwork . . . Catlins Area School’s team (from left) Milly Lietze (12), Rocco Povey (11), Amber Senior (11), Hollie Harrex
(12) Kat Cameron (12), and Eddie Crawford (12) and Cooper Landreth (11) in the front row.
Incoming . . . Pupils from Clutha Valley and Romahapa have their hands up for the frisbee.