Notlim Nets charge into final of premier 2 netball

View obstructed . . . Notlim Nets goal keep Olivia Davidson guards the net as Hillend Social goal shoot Tanisha Pyne lines up a shot in a premier 2 grade semifinal in Balclutha. Watching on are Notlim Nets goal defence and Hillend goal attack Rochelle Gordon. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN

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Notlim Nets proved themselves a top›notch team against Hillend Social in the Balclutha premier 2 grade netball semifinals at the Recreation Centre on Friday night. The battle was a race back and forth across the courts for both teams but Notlim Nets fired balls into the net faster than Hillend Social could retaliate.

The half›time score showed a comfortable points difference at 16›9 to Notlim Nets.

Centre players of both teams showed just how quick netballers are on their feet as they flew through from one side of the court to another to bring the ball to each hoop.

Time quarters flew past and Hillend Social ended up wearing the loss with a final score of 18›37 to Notlim Nets.

Both teams fought hard but Notlim Nets took the win in the end, advancing to the finals this week.

Options, options . . . Notlim Nets goal shoot Elese Lloyd looks to wing attack Sophie McIntosh for an alternative option as opposition goal keep Catherine Tunnah keeps the ball from getting anywhere near the net. PHOTOS: EVELYN THORN