Lippy raring to go in 1st season behind wheel

Race ready . . . Dresden Constable is getting mentally and mechanically prepared for his first competitive speedway season with the help of step›dad Jared. PHOTO: NICK BROOK

Speedway begins on Saturday, October 15, and Dresden Constable (13) is gearing up for his first season behind the wheel.

With his speedway licence to race in the ages 12›to›16 youth saloon grade, the first›year South Otago High School pupil, known on the circuit as ‘‘Lippy’’, is in the garage most evenings modifying his ride with the help of step›dad Jared.

Lippy’s 1992 DOHC, VTEC, Honda Integra used to belong to a former Invercargill youth champion and cost just $2000.

Youth grade allows a maximum 1.6 litre factory engine but modifications are allowed for air, exhaust, gearbox and differential systems as well as tyres, and safety features including roll cage, seats and harness.

The team reckons the total investment, including helmet and PPE, will total about $4000 and allow the 170›horsepower car to reach 80kmh on the straights at Otago’s $400 clay oval at Beachlands, Waverley.

‘‘Motorsport is in the family with Jared and my uncle . . . right from the first time I went as a spectator I loved it and knew I wanted to race,’’ Lippy said.

‘‘When you’re sitting on the dummy grid waiting for your race it’s hot, your nervous and uncomfortable, but the race starts and you’re just paying attention to what’s happening on the track and forget everything else except how much fun you’re having.’’

The speedway community is strong on mentoring, sportsmanship and opportunities to compete at advanced levels, and the racing community within Clutha represents a significant force for local enthusiasts to follow at 16 summer meetings at Beachlands, plus fixtures on rivals’ turf.