Gearing up for games

Big River Country (BRC) women’s rugby team player Kelsey Miller sends a ball to Abby Edwards during their pre-season training at the grounds behind the Balclutha Cross Recreation Centre. The BRC women are gearing up for their third season as an established team, and they are fired up even more than last year. Last year, the team had a successful season, getting all the way to the finals and only going down against the Dunedin Wahine Sharks. This year, the girls are looking to take it all the way and claim 2023 is their year. The women have a premier team and a newly formed development team, and are looking for players to join them in their journey this season. They are encouraging people to check out their Facebook page for more details, and for new supporters to come along and watch their journey in their 2023 rugby competitions. REPORT AND PHOTO: EVELYN THORN