Fast and furious fun at speedway

Flat-out . . . Shredded rims didn’t deflate Zane Tuhura’s (Balclutha, 88) fighting spirit when the Dunedin Outlaws split up for a stockcars teams challenge, won by team-mate Mark Taylor.


Stockcars weigh up to half a tonne, and saloons weigh in at roughly $100,000 but neither mass nor money reduced risk and aggression at Dunedin’s Beachlands Speedway on Guy Fawkes night on November 5.

Over an epic evening punctuated by high-speed collisions, even the no-contact youth saloons featured a multiple pile-up.

Clutha’s speedway racing community muscled in, especially in traditional stockcars and the spectacular, popular streetstocks, where drivers are kept on their toes by never knowing which direction they will race in — a measure that keeps their rides ‘‘streetstock’’, rather than modified for the slide.

Firefighters extinguished several fuel fires until the after-dark finale, when the crowd was thrilled by Dunedin’s only public fireworks extravaganza.

Beachlands and other speedway schedules, programmes and results are available online.

Over the top . .. In the same race, Tuhura also drove Jesse Helm (21) completely up the wall. PHOTOS: NICK BROOK
Fireworks . . . Up to a score of expensive race cars took massive damage during a Guy Fawkes evening packed with high-speed,
multi-car pile-ups including Mark Dobson’s Chevy saloon (51, Invercargill).
T-bone . .. Clutha drivers Braden Adams (475) and Ben Jenkins (345) ganged up to get Dunedin’s Cory Campbell (81) out of
the road during a brutal Streetstocks series on November 5.