South Otago High School (SOHS) pupils (from left) Abby McKinney, 14, Lilly Campbell, 17, Anna Lloyd, 17, and teacher Kelsi McLellan enjoyed the school’s post cross-country colour-run on Tuesday last week.

‘‘We wanted to add some fun to encourage all our students to participate,’’ SOHS physical education teacher David Matsas said.

‘‘In the past cross-country has sometimes been about making everybody compete whether they like running or not.

‘‘This year we’ve been clear it’s OK to walk as much of the course as you like, while the skilled runners are encouraged to run as competitively as they like.

‘‘And afterwards, the colour-run gives everybody a bit of craziness for an overall fun, positive experience of cross-country day.’’

Mr Matsas is in his second year as a teacher and SOHS is his first position. REPORT & PHOTO: NICK BROOK