Balclutha gymnasts (from left) Lauren Scarth (11), Isla Brookland (10), Ashley Kavanagh (11) and Grace Ollerenshaw (11) practise poses for the New Zealand Gymnastics Nationals being held in Tauranga in July.

Three of the girls were selected from the Astra Gymnastics Balclutha team and Grace Ollerenshaw was selected from the Otago women’s artistic gymnastics team. All of them will represent Otago.

Astra Gymnastics Club coach Janine McCaughan said it had been 10 years since a gymnast from Balclutha had qualified for nationals and she was ‘‘incredibly proud of the girls’’ for their successes.

The Astra Gymnastics Club, comprising 24 athletes between Balclutha and Dunedin, has been established since the end of 2020.

Mrs McCaughan said one of the highlights of coaching was ‘‘hearing the girls take the skills they had learned and showing it to their fathers, who were usually surprised at how flexible and energetic the girls can be with their aerobics’’.

The athletes will be practising until the nationals are held.