Balclutha man Andrew Williamson has a couple of mobility messages for the community.

The former self-employed building tradesman, born and bred in the South, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 22 years ago and has recently acquired what may be the new wave of mobility transport.

‘‘A regular mobility scooter is$8000-$10,000 new — bear that in mind if you’ve got parents who are getting older,’’ Mr Williams said.

‘‘But these [electric trikes] are basically a kind of golf cart and are under $3000.

‘‘So far they are approved by New Zealand Police so long as they’re kept in first and second speed and are used like a normal mobility scooter.’’

Mr Williamson also drives a small ‘‘runabout’’ car and has noticed the vehicles of able drivers occasionally blocking disabled access.

‘‘When [disabled drivers] pull up to the supermarket, for example, and see empty spaces where you’re nice and close and know there’s going to be no problems getting your doors open and everything’s going to be that much easier . . .

‘‘We are really grateful for that — we’d like people to bear that in mind.’’

 A photo he took last week of avehicle without disabled
credentials blocking a disabled parking space. PHOTOS: