Toy Hub takes over mantle

Toy story . . . Spokestoys Growler Bear and Wilfred Prickles transfer Balclutha Toy Library’s remaining funds on behalf of children’s organisa› tions represented by (from left) Rosalie Hutton, Steph Sinclair, Justine Barrie and Kylie Munro. PHOTO: NICK BROOK

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Balclutha Toy Library dissolved in September 2021 and $5444 in funds remaining in its care were transferred evenly to associated children’s organisations last month.

‘‘We’ve launched the Toy Hub based here at the parents centre [John St, Balclutha] and will use our share of the money for more toys,’’ Steph Sinclair, of Balclutha Parents Centre, said.

The Toy Hub will continue the function of the Toy Library, so local children and parents no longer have to travel to Milton to borrow toys.

Rosalie Hutton said her group, Mainly Music, had been able to purchase a new CD player, interactive toys and an indoor slide to augment co›ordination and listening skills activities for 0 to 5›year›olds on Fridays at Balclutha Anglican Church .

‘‘Balclutha Playcentre is a parent›led group with a paid educator,’’representative Kylie Munro said, ‘‘We needed a new laptop, and the rest of the kind donation went toward arts and crafts materials.’’

Another grateful recipient was the Hearing You mobile school counselling service, a resource which had instantly proven indispensible in the district and was reliant on help from the community.

Speaking on behalf of the wound›up Toy Library, Justine Barrie said membership and committee numbers had dropped, not helped by the pandemic, but it was heartening to see an equivalent service rise in its place and to help associated children’s groups thrive.

‘‘We’re all so grateful to accept some much needed funds, and to see the Toy Library live on in the community through thriving kids’ activity groups like these,’’ Mrs Hutton said.

Balclutha Parents Centre, Playcentre, Mainly Music and Toy Hub all have a presence on Facebook, and welcome new members and volunteers.