Furry companions filled the Balclutha Library last week to help read stories.

Last week’s second Reading Tails event saw locals stop in for some fur therapy.

Organised by the library and St John, the dogs provided company for people who may not have pets or cannot have pets in their own environment.

The dogs are assessed by St John to confirm they suit well under different environments, going to places such as schools and rest homes.

Library staff sat with the visitors and read while the fluffy companions maximised pat efficiency by rotating around each visitor.

Local volunteer Noels Sanders said her dog Artiv had been a companion to many events for five years, ever since it all started.

Team leader Roanne Heppel-Pukehika said the event was a great conversation starter.

‘‘People talk about their own dogs and their experiences with them, which always leads into various topics,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s fur therapy for humans.

‘‘Sometimes we take miniature horses to places like rest-homes, which is always a hit.’’

She said St John were always looking for volunteers.

The event is held every third Friday of the month at the library.