School of kahawai drops in on fishing clinic

Fishing clinic. . . Cy Smith (15), of Milton, holds a kahawai caught using a soft bait at Henley. PHOTO: BRUCE QUIREY, OTAGO FISH & GAME


An Otago Fish & Game soft-bait fishing clinic was gate-crashed by a school at Henley on the Waipori River last month.

A school of hungry kahawai was an unexpected addition to Otago Fish & Game’s fishing clinic for about 50 anglers targeting trout.

About half of the participants hooked into the feisty kahawai, more than 8km upriver from the Taieri River mouth, Fish & Game officer Bruce Quirey said.

‘‘Fish & Game manages freshwater sportfish, like trout, salmon and perch, but we certainly don’t mind that kahawai busted on to the scene.

‘‘Anglers got a thrilling lesson in how effective soft-bait fishing can be, and there were multiple hookups happening all at once.’’

The guest speaker at the clinic was expert angler Lance Gill, of Okuma.

Mr Quirey said soft-bait fishing was an increasingly popular method for catching trout, salmon or perch.

‘‘Remember, you will need a sports fishing licence whenever fishing for trout, and check the regulations for the legal methods in your local waters.’’

The Otago Fish & Game Council represents the interests of anglers and game bird hunters.

Fish & Game receives no money from the government.

All funding is provided by freshwater anglers and game bird hunters in a ‘‘user pays, user says’’ tradition dating back 150 years.

Registrations for Otago Fish & Game Council clinics can be completed online.