Milton residents are concerned about the town’s new toilets after a surrounding property was damaged late last month.

Loud voices, breaking glass and aggressive vehicle noise in the toilet’s carpark was reported by people on neighbouring properties on Saturday, May 20, before a concrete block wall was smashed, possibly by an out-of-control vehicle.

‘‘What’s wrong with these people?’’ a resident, who asked not to be identified, said.

‘‘The behaviour was very intimidating and it’s appalling to think the council and ratepayers would go to all that expense just to have itdisrespected and wrecked.

‘‘There needs to be security cameras so these people can be named and shamed.’’

The state-of-the-art ‘‘destination toilets’’ were opened on April 28 after 18 years in the pipeline at a cost of more than $600,000. REPORT & PHOTO: NICK BROOK