Renovations near completion

Warepa School is adjusting to the freedom and possibilities available with its new multipurpose building, including pupils (from left) Molly Hyslop (12), Reo Francis (back, 10), Hope Barrie (10) and Indy Ware (10). The original ‘‘nonteaching space’’ was built in 2005. Extension and renovation became possible in 2017, and now in 2023 only finishing touches like window dressings remain. ‘‘We’re feeling pretty lucky for a small school,’’ principal Sue Adcock said. ‘‘We went through some delays and changing conditions over the last couple of years, but arrived at something better than the initial plan. We’re really grateful to the Ministry of Education, Ajax Builders and everyone whose input made it possible.’’ Other Warepa School buildings are now freed up for bonus learning rooms, while the big new space encompasses library and faculty facilities and a rehearsal and performance area, clever innovations in storage and mobile fixtures enabling vast flexibility. REPORT & PHOTO: NICK BROOK