Balclutha police have been busy with mental health, family harm and fatal incidents recently.

Police attended the fatal crash in Waihola on August 28 that killed three people and injured three children.

Police attended a workplace accident in Balclutha on August 29, where one male died at the scene.

Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Parsons said staff had been ‘‘extremely busy’’ as a result of the incidents and continued to attend, follow-up and work long hours for ongoing investigations surrounding that week.

Police have been attending callouts after hours due to various incidents involving family harm and mental health, and encouraged people to look out for one another and be safe.

With the beginning of whitebaiting season, police have been dealing with reports of unruly behaviour around rules and regulations.

Sen Sgt Parsons said police were encouraging people to continue to be lawful in regards to whitebaiting regulations and to be respectful of other baiters in the district.

Police were following up with two youths who were suspected to have been involved in the damage of election signs and billboards in the Balclutha area.

Comments on social media suggested two people had been arrested, but police confirmed last Friday this was not true.

Sen Sgt Parsons said police were reminding people to be safe as they were continuing to see incidents of drink driving in the district.

‘‘We’ve always had the issue of drink driving and it seems to be ramping up again in the district,’’ he said.

‘‘If you’re drinking at a pub, there are ways to get home, whether you have your own sober driver or use courtesy vans.

‘‘It’s always a bad choice to get into a vehicle after you have been drinking alcohol, intoxicated people have the potential to cause so much harm if they get behind the wheel.

‘‘Just be a decent human being and think about other people when it comes to getting home safely after a night of drinking.’’