Playing with fire

Ten-year-old Michael Newcombe wields a flame at Te Ahi Ora, Fire of Life on Tuesday, November 8, at Rosebank School. Classes all had workshops during the day where they learned to spin and throw a staff, before the night session gave them the opportunity to put those skills into practice with actual fire. Rosebank teacher Sarah Reid organised the event, which was taught and run by Josh and Chris of Te Ahi Ora. ‘‘The workshops gave the students an opportunity to learn a brand new skill. No-one had done it before, so everyone was starting atthe same point. ‘‘They learned to challenge themselves — persevere until they had mastered each skill. The tutors were brilliant. The lessons were fast paced and it was hands-on all the way. ‘‘They also taught the children how to respect fire and work safely with flames,’’ Mrs Reid said. REPORT: NICK BROOK, PHOTO: SARAH REID