Paddock friends show winners

Snack time . . . Jessie McFadzien feeds an apple to her donkey Lazarus as they wait for their turn to compete in the novice donkey competition at the West Otago A& P Show on Saturday. PHOTOS: SANDY EGGLESTON

JESSIE McFadzien and her two pets, who are unlikely best friends, have ribbons after success at the West Otago A& P Show on Saturday.

The Ferndale 16-year-old entered Lazarus the donkey and Tilly the goat and her kids in the show.

Lazarus won champion donkey and Tilly and her kids won best overall pet.

Jessie said when Lazarus first came to live on the farm of her parents, Marion and Cameron, in April, the donkey was put in the paddock with the horses.

‘‘They were a bit mean to him, so we just put him in with Tilly and then they’ve bonded really well.

Now the two were ‘‘best friends’’.

‘‘They spend a lot of their time doing things together.

‘‘Wherever she goes he has to go.’’

The only time the two were separated was when Tilly was due to kid and Lazarus started bossing her around.

‘‘He kept chasing and following her around.’’

However, once the kids were born the friends were reunited.

Lazarus was about a year old and Tilly was 2 years old.

Jessie had other pets but had wanted a donkey.

‘‘They’re interesting animals.

‘‘Their personalities are different to other animals.’’

Lazarus was easily bored.

‘‘You always have to give them their special attention.

‘‘He can get quite jealous.’’ Jessie took Lazarus for walks and he was good at following her without being led.

His weakness was apples.

‘‘He will do anything for apples,’’ she said.

Innes Fletcher (7), of Heriot, had a Dorset Down hogget and pet lamb entered in the show.

Both had chocolate-themed names — Cocoa Bubbles and Cookie Crumbles.

Cocoa Bubbles was a ‘‘cocoa colour when she was a lamb,’’ Innes said.

Cookie Crumbles looked like a ‘‘chocolate chippy’’ biscuit.

Innes entered his age group of the pet lamb competition and he and Cookie Crumbles won first prize.

Show president Julian Kelly said the show had gone very well.

‘‘It was good to be back after a year off with all the Covid issues.’’

There were about 170 in the sheep, cattle and horses classes.

‘‘Entries are up in the equestrian, down a wee bit in the beef and sheep entries about the same.’’

The full car park indicated a good-sized crowd had attended the show, he said.

Good friends . . . Innes Fletcher, of Heriot, entered his sheep Cocoa Bubbles, a Dorset Down hogget.
Hard graft . . . Genna Allan, of Roxburgh, competes in the fencing competition.
Handiwork . . . Harry Winterbourne (9), of Moa Flat, and Samuel Stewart (11), of Crookston, hold the Lego and Meccano models Samuel made and entered in the show.