New table for vandal-plagued spot

Heartily installed . . . Banding together recently were (from left) Nuggets Road resident Marilyn Dunn and Balclutha Rotary Club members Chris Morahan, Peter Buxton, and Donna Buxton to help install the third barbecue table in the Nuggets area after it was vandalised. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A generous barbecue table donation unveiled a deeper issue which has continued to irritate locals.

The Rotary Club of Balclutha recently donated a third barbecue table to apopular area for locals, tourists and passers› by in the Nuggets area at Kaka Point, after the destruction of previous tables left nowhere for people to sit and enjoy the classic district scenery.

Nuggets Road resident Marilyn Dunn said vandalism had been an ongoing issue for 15 years, especially on communal equipment.

‘‘It is an ongoing story of continuing to replace picnic tables and chairs due to the destruction by unknown vandals in the area. The tables have been burnt, smashed, rolled into the sea and stolen over the last 15 years during which I’ve been overseeing the areas on our Nuggets Road,’’ she said.

She said she was ‘‘unimpressed’’ by the continual destruction of property, which was ‘‘disrespectful’’ for those trying to get out and about and have somewhere to stop and rest.

‘‘I am very grateful to the Rotary Club for providing the third barbecue table; two have been supplied at the fishing camp and this most recent one on a picnic roadside corner. It’s really appreciated.’’

The Rotary Club, in conjunction with Telford students tutored by Daniel Maze, created tables with longer legs in order for them to be dug into rocks and concreted into the ground. Mrs Dunn was hopeful the tables could be left alone so people could have communal areas without vandals making a mess of things. ‘‘Hopefully this makes the tables better vandal›proofed, although it shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place.’’