Mullet no more

, Before . . . Head of social sciences at South Otago High School Mike Beeby prepares for a chop in support of Wig Wed› nesday, the national event to raise money for Child Cancer Foundation.
During . . . Jack Soper (15) lends a hand master› ing the shave with nimble fingers as he buzzes away Mike Beeby’s hopes and dreams.
Proud ‘‘after’’ snapshot . . . Child Cancer Foundation supporters (from left) Mike Beeby, Jason Palmer and daughter Esme Palmer (7)
proudly support the cause last Wednesday at the South Otago High School hall. PHOTOS: EVELYN THORN

South Otago High School head of social sciences teacher Mike Beeby, who featured in last week’s edition, had his fate sealed last Wednesday with a mullet shave. An online total of $3580 was raised in support of the Child Cancer Foundation, and the school raised a further $430 on the day with gold coin donations. Mr Beeby’s shave was made public and students got to watch the final hurrah atlunchtime. Students sat and watched with their own colourful wigs in support of the event. Mr Beeby made a further deal and said if there were to be $4000 raised he would never, ever bring the mullet back to school ever again. Throughout the community other institutions including Blue Mountain College, Rosebank Kindergarten and more schools staged their own versions to celebrate and support Wig Wednesday and the Child Cancer Foundation. The

Clutha Leader’s Evelyn Thorn was there to capture the fun.