Motorcycle antics prompt warning about enforcement

Police are working with locals and officials in Kaitangata to control community frustrations over driving complaints about youths on motorcycles.

Police believe the same group of youths have repeatedly ridden motorcycles through Kaitangata without helmets and safety equipment and are disturbing the town as they travel through.

Road safety officials, community leaders and police are devising a plan to combat the issue. Sergeant Chris Parsons is urging parents of youths to take action as ‘‘safety is paramount’’.

He advised initiatives are being implemented and if the issues continues or evolves, police will be taking enforcement action.

On Friday night police attended a call from Lawrence of a possible stabbing.

As police arrived the incident was not a stabbing but more of an intoxication issue, and people involved were sent on their way.

On Saturday police police pursued a fleeing driver who was wanted in relation to an incident in a different district.

The vehicle was spiked on its way towards Milton and the driver abandoned the vehicle.

Inquiries are ongoing for information relating to the driver and the vehicle was impounded.

Police apprehended three drink drivers in total over the weekend and hoped in future the number could be zero.

Inquiries are continuing into the theft of a 50cc motor scooter in Milton.