About 25 people from Jenny’s Companionship Group in Balclutha came together to celebrate their annual midwinter Christmas lunch last Thursday.

They enjoyed live music from local woman Colleen Hosking as well as Christmas crackers, jokes and a roast chicken meal together as they socialised.

Organiser Jenny Cameron said the roast chicken meal was ‘‘a good pairing for the cold weather’’ and she enjoyed hosting the occasion.

She thanked the people who helped make the lunch happen.

Cracker fun . . . Janice Botting (left) and Margaret Spain crack open their shared Christmas cracker during their midwinter Christmas lunch last Thursday.
Ready to eat . . . Graeme Hansen (left) and Barry Bethune gear up for their roast chicken mid-winter Christmas meal.
Socialising . . . Members of Jenny’s Companionship Group chatter among themselves at one of their regular get-togethers last week.