A recent second debut of a market is hoped to become more frequent in the community.

Locals came together to host a sharer’s market last Saturday in Balclutha to give community folk the opportunity to ‘‘trade what they had and take what they needed.’’

Items including vegetables, products, clothing, bread and toys were available, and passers-by were simply encouraged to ‘‘take what they needed and give back when they can another time.’’

The market stems from community group ‘‘Autark’’ in the Otago area, which has ambitions to ‘‘build local supply chains and community resilience, meet like-minded folk and make resources available to each other,’’ group members said.

‘‘It’s a good way to let communities support communities,’’ Autark member Miriam Spronk said.

‘‘A lot of people are just trying to make ends meet in some ways, and some in other ways.

‘‘This is a way for people to trade what they have and take what they need.

‘‘This is the second time we’ve hosted the market but we hope to have many more and become more frequent in the community so we can build a better community.’’

The Autark group is building an online presence via Facebook to ‘‘enable the delivery of community produced products and goods via a single vehicle, along with a regular weekly route which connects many small communities.’’

The group’s biggest goals were ‘‘enabling community resilience, food security and wellbeing.’’

The group is encouraging locals who make, grow or supply preserves, fruit and vegetables, dried goods, nuts, cereals, meat, knitted products and many more to watch out for the next sharer’s market in the area.