Kai pub left high but not dry

Watering hole . .. Crescent Bar & Grill bar manager Kirsty Nolan (left) and duty-cook Chantz Browne take a short break to pose beside the handiwork of pub co-owner Mark Haig. PHOTO: NICK BROOK


Kaitangata ingenuity kept the pub open all day when the town’s water supply was disconnected for council maintenance last Tuesday.

‘‘We knew the water would be off from 9am until 6pm and originally planned on being closed,’’ Crescent Bar & Grill owner and manager Jen Macdonald said.

‘‘Then the night before, my partner Mark had this idea to borrow the tank from our neighbour and raise it up on our forklift . . . The higher it is, the better the pressure.’’

The plan worked so well during its test-run on the Monday night Mr Haig went ahead and connected the tank to the pub’s domestic plumbing so every outlet from bar and kitchen to the toilets was running and flushing as normal.

‘‘Everyone’s on stored water for the day, so the shop, daycare, school, pool and public toilets are all closed, but at least the pub’s still open,’’ Mrs Macdonald said.

‘‘In fact the water maintenance crew were quite pleased to be able to come in out of the heat to get a soft drink on their break.’’