Hall’s future still in the balance

Future undecided . . . The Waitahuna War Memorial Hall. PHOTO: CLUTHA LEADER FILES


The ownership of the Waitahuna War Memorial Hall lies in the hands of its committee — but the committee is looking to find more members before it makes a decision.

A public meeting at the Waitahuna War Memorial Hall last Wednesday shied away from making a decision whether the Waitahuna War Memorial Hall committee wished to leave the facility in Clutha District Council (CDC) ownership or transfer it into community hands.

Memorial hall committee member on behalf of the Lawrence-Tuapeka community board Tim Dickey said there was ‘‘no point’’ making a decision because of the committee being so reduced in numbers.

‘‘We had around 45 locals turn up, including CDC members, to let them know we would like to make a decision as both an established committee and a community,’’ Mr Dickey said.

‘‘It was good to see the turnout and it seemed a variation of the people who came along seemed interested in being part of the committee, which was good to see.

‘‘Many had connections or local ties to the hall already, so it was well-rounded when it came to the discussions.

‘‘There are definitely pros and cons to either option when you think about it, and we could talk about it until the cows come home — but the main point is no decision can truly be made without a well-established committee, which is what we’re aiming to have soon.’’

The future of Clutha’s 34 community halls are up for consideration as part of the council’s long-term planning process, and 11 of those halls — including Waitahuna — are in council ownership at present, and the remainder receive operating grants from the council.