A busy community group is seeking new members to continue driving forward more than three decades of civic pride and wellbeing.

Tapanui West Otago Promotions vice-chairwoman Gloria McHutchon said the group was among the most active in the district, as it both undertook its own projects and helped foster and promote those of other community groups.

It had about 15 members although, in common with many community groups nowadays, some were progressing in age.

‘‘As a group, we’ve always welcomed new ideas, thoughts and approaches to things.

‘‘That hasn’t changed, but what we want to do now is harness some of the energy and enthusiasm of the younger members of our community who also want to take pride in what we have here in West Otago.’’

Mrs McHutchon said projects in which the group was involved ranged from the ‘‘subtle’’ to the significant.

What they had in common was a goal of improving civic wellbeing and pride in the district.

‘‘We do garden and street maintenance in Tapanui; we help maintain and develop tracks in the Blue Mountains; we maintain the community website and help with the annual Christmas Parade; and we help with improvements to local signage and general tidiness.

‘‘The benefits of what we do together are reflected in the comments we get from visitors, the growth of the town with several new builds recently and just the general feeling that this is a lovely place to live, work and play.’’

She said specific goals for the coming months included further beautification projects in Tapanui and Heriot, establishing picnic spots at some of the district’s panoramic viewpoints and recording oral histories.

Further ideas were always welcomed.

‘‘People often come to us with ideas for projects.

‘‘Sometimes we can help directly and sometimes it’s just a case of knowing the right person or group to put them in touch with. We like to help put dreams into reality.’’

Civic-minded individuals wishing to find out more could come along to the group’s next meeting at Blue Mountain College, 7pm, July 12, or contact Mrs McHutchon on 027 235-5165.