Groundswell supported

Mothers and caregivers (from left) Tracy McPherson, Aleesha Hockenhull and Renee Penson turned out in Balclutha to show solidarity with farmers last Thursday, as about a dozen tractors and several other vehicles joined Groundswell’s ‘‘We’re Not Going To Take It’’ convoy to protest in Dunedin.

Mother-of-four Mrs McPherson, of Owaka, said overburdening farmers meant higher costs at the checkout.

‘‘Tax and regulations on farmers end up directly at the supermarket and people on low incomes are suffering the most,’’ Mrs McPherson said.

Owaka farmer Andrew Jackson, who joined the convoy, said regulations were ‘‘crippling’’ farming.

‘‘New Zealand produces less than 0.25% of global emissions but our primary sector is being crippled to lower that, when other, less efficient countries will just take over from us and increase emissions.’’

He said although farmers and their tractors should be working on on their land right now, the Government’s ‘‘all-out assault on farmers’’ had to be protested. REPORT & PHOTO: NICK BROOK