A recent round of trust grants were sent through South Otago last month.

The Otago Masonic Trust recently awarded its 2023 fund grants across all of Otago, and recipients in South Otago were ‘‘thankful’’ for the grants.

Groups which received fund grants were Balclutha Kindergarten ($607.55), Kaitangata School Community Group ($1472.00), Kaka Point Community Group ($2071.48), Special Olympics South Otago ($362.50), South Otago School of Bagpipes ($1800) and Waipori Falls Village Body Corporate ($1240). Most groups received the amount originally requested.

A subcommittee of the Kaka Point Community Group, Kaka Point Playground playground committee, ‘‘appreciated’’ the money it received.

The money requested from the Otago Masonic Trust was to go towards a new double slide for its new ‘‘destination’’ playground project.

Committee member Anna Cross said the redevelopment of the playground would be for local, wider domestic and international visitors to the town.

‘‘The current playground has served the community for the past 25 years, and with the increase of families living permanently in Kaka Point and using the playground it’s about time for an upgrade,’’ she said.

The committee predicts the project costs will be estimated around $400,000 and so far the group has secured funding of around $65,102.

‘‘We’re really chuffed with the progress so far and the support from the community that we’ve received thus far.’’

The committee of five local members was working with the support of the Kaka Point Community Group and the wider Kaka Point community.

The committee is in the process of continuing to access other means of grants and funding and said it would be able to begin construction once it worked towards its funding goals and refined its concept design.