The Government’s removal of the 25c fuel-tax subsidy on July 1 is being felt at the pump.

Motorists in the region are now paying about 29c per litre more to fill up the tank.

The Clutha district’s range of fuel pumps have shown a range of updated prices for petrol, according to the Gaspy phone application.

Clutha resident Mel Tapp said he was ‘‘worried’’ for people in the district who were already in hardship.

‘‘It’s really frustrating to see, because that could be an extra $20 or more that should be going to feed a family, but instead it’s putting people out more,’’ he said.

‘‘Folks travelling to work each day, from them to older folks out in the country.

‘‘I doubt they’ll be able to afford it.

‘‘It certainly adds up.’’

Mr Tapp compared Balclutha’s Allied petrol pump, which was $2.67 for 91 octane per litre, with Dunedin’s Allied Burnside pump, which was $2.46 as of last Friday. ‘‘Prices in the Clutha district compared to Dunedin are much different, but since there is more demand in Dunedin you’d think it would be more expensive there.

‘‘It’s the discrepancy between us and them that is worrying.’’

Mr Tapp said he remembered when petrol was only a few cents per gallon ‘‘back in the day’’.

‘‘You don’t usually mind when paying a couple of cents for the service, but when it gets to that much paired with the current cost of food and essentials, it becomes one of those things you can’t climb out of.’’

‘‘It’s interesting to know that the leather chair in my house with its stool cost me more than my first house in Milton, which I bought back in the day for $2200,’’ he said.

‘‘Times have definitely changed.

‘‘People might need to look into buying a horse.’’