With more than half the kerbside rubbish collected for landfills in Clutha district classified as compostable organic waste, the Clutha District Council (CDC) is offering free composting workshops at the Balclutha and Milton community gardens.

Supported by Project Bruce, the Milton workshop is on Saturday and the Balclutha event on Sunday. The workshops begin at 1.30pm and are expected to run for one and a-half hours.

CDC waste education officer Scott Martin will run the workshops alongside community groups and members.

The district council intends to expand on similar community education in spring this year.

‘‘Bring your garden gloves and your questions,’’ Mr Martin said.

‘‘The idea is to facilitate neighbourhood resilience and empower local residents by showing them how to take control of what’s happening in their gardens and out of sight at community landfills.

‘‘Through public education and other various minimisation actions we aim to reduce the amount of home compostable organic waste to landfill.’’

CDC’s 2018 waste management and minimisation plan aims to minimise and manage waste in a way which reduces environmental harm and maximises benefits, reflecting an aspirational goal of zero waste.

Funded by the waste levy rebate and part of wider action to promote waste minimisation and responsible waste management practices in the Clutha district, these will be the first CDC workshops of their kind, focusing specifically on public education.

They will combine theoretical and hands-on knowledge to provide experience about how to create, maintain and use a compost system at home or as part of a community project.

‘‘We’re going to de-mystify compost making and provide solutions to malfunctions,’’ Balclutha Community Garden spokesman Michael Catherwood said.

‘‘The aim is to encourage personal ownership of household organic waste production and to turn it into a viable resource — fertile soil. That’s going to improve the lifespan of public landfills at the same time.’’

Each workshop includes a draw to give away one compost bin.

Pre-register by contacting Scott at scott.martin@cluthadc.