South Otago High School pupils (from left) Hadley Lowry (17), Nathan Bocock (15) and Matthew Phillips (15) pose beside the South Otago Aero Club’s Cessna 172 plane before jumping in for a flight with Otago Aero Club pilot Stefan Clark this month. The keen flyers had an aviation experience day as part of their science projects about physics. South Otago Aero Club pilot Lisa Watt and Otago Aero Club pilot Joe Calder gave the pupils the opportunity to ask any questions relating to piloting in the area. Curious flyers asked about what was involved in aviation, aircraft gas prices, the industry and flight school. The aero club members were happy to attempt to recruit the youngsters as they revealed the flying industry was in its biggest pilot shortage in over 50 years, due to demand and higher pay overseas taking New Zealand pilots away from the country. The aviation experience day was one of many as the school continues to liaise with the South Otago Aero Club. REPORT/PHOTO: EVELYN THORN