Errant shopping trolley causes trouble on bridge

On Sunday at about 5.30am, three young men stole a shopping trolley and played in it before placing it on an arch of the Balclutha bridge. As a result, one lane of traffic was closed until the trolley was retrieved.

Police have recovered CCTV footage of the men and investigations are ongoing.

Balclutha sergeant Chris Parsons said it was important to note that while the incident may have been considered harmless, charges could be laid along the lines of reckless endangerment.

‘‘These incidents are extremely dangerous as a trolley could fall on to a passing vehicle or motorist, and can cause a serious crash that could kill someone,’’ he said.

On Saturday a mains power cable was cut in Barnego Rd.

A vehicle was identified and linked to the incident and police are working to identify the person responsible.

On Thursday afternoon police attended a vehicle rollover on Old Coach Rd.

The vehicle was towing a caravan and lost control, and after attempts to regain control, the caravan detached, rolled twice and went into a nearby ditch.

The driver involved was not injured.

On Friday a woman found $3740 on the Main St of Balclutha. She handed the money into the police station and it was claimed by its rightful owner the next day.

Also on Friday, police arrested and charged a woman with attempting to supply drugs inside the Milburn prison.

She is before the courts and updates will follow.

Off its trolley . . . Balclutha had a trolley placed on
one of its arches on Sunday morning, causing delays
as police measured traffic across the structure before
it could be removed. PHOTO: SUPPLIED