Emergency services host safety programme

Blaze maze . . . Fire and Emergency New Zealand used a portable, dark, crawl space to simulate the disorientation of escaping a fire.

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Balclutha’s Cross Recreation Centre hosted the 2022 Clued Up Kids programme last Thursday, a one›day gala to make children more aware of personal safety and the roles of different emergency services.

The event invited years 6 to 8 pupils from 16 district schools to interact with tutors from Fire and Emergency New Zealand, police, Civil Defence, Land Search and Rescue, St John ambulance service and others.

The children spent about 10 minutes at each station learning how to react in hazardous situations, which also included bicycle and quad bike use, firearms and interaction with dogs, before joining in activities to use their fresh knowledge in real›time problem›solving.

Public health nurse Raewyn Snell said the programme, which was cancelled in 2021 due to the pandemic, had been running for more than 10 years.

‘‘Caregivers and schools do their best to teach kids safety, but the Clued Up programme provides experts with the knowledge and resources to make sure nothing is missed and help the learning sink in by being real and exciting,’’ Mrs Snell said.

Besides teaching children to avoid becoming victims, the programme also aimed to foster good citizenship and identify areas wanting extra attention.

On a roll . . . Quad bike safety was impressed upon country children, along with Civil Defence earthquake survival (background).
Triggering alarm . . . Mountain safety council firearms safety instructor Stuart Murray teaches firearms safety to pupils from Waiwera South School. PHOTOS: NICK BROOK
Safety fest . . . The Clued Up Kids safety programme was back at Balclutha’s Cross Recreation Centre last Thursday after being cancelled because of Covid›19 last year.