Driving home his message

Agriculturalist and political candidate Scotty Bright (second from left) is using his tractor to show solidarity with farmers the length of the country.

‘‘The tractor I bought happened to be in Invercargill, so I decided to drive it back home to Pukekohe with some signage to make a point,’’ Mr Bright said.

Mr Bright, who is the Democracy NZ candidate for Port Waikato, paused in Balclutha last Thursday. He said his 1590km ‘‘No fart-tax tour’’ opposed ‘‘unworkable regulations on farming’’ because they were damaging the economy and farming communities.

‘‘When people say ‘the science is settled’ and claim to understand the weather well enough to make these drastic changes — that’s more an indicator of the political climate than the natural climate,’’ he said.

‘‘Farming is literally under attack, which means the base of the economy and our culture is under attack.

‘‘I think New Zealand would like to mandate some common sense back into government.’’