One group is pushing for a more diverse Clutha district.

Last week, the Clutha District Youth Council presented a project to the Clutha District Council during an annual plan hearing to include more diversity in the workplace within the district.

The youth council has been advocating to aid disabled and LGBTQ + youth in getting into employment and is now requesting $8000 to create an information afternoon known as Diversity Delivers.

Known as Diversity Clutha, the project was formed by CDC youth councillors.

Youth council workplace representative Lilly Paterson said she had ‘‘seen experiences where people with disabilities are being turned away from jobs primarily because they have some sort of disability declared’’.

So too had her fellow youth council workplace representative Nancy Antill.

‘‘I have had my own experiences where I have been turned away from jobs and opportunities because I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community,’’ Miss Antill said. ‘‘Every time I go out in the community I never see people out on front desks who have disabilities or are part of the LGBTQ+ community. They’re usually always out the back or not there.

‘‘I want to help in changing that,’’ she said.

The youth council has created a ‘‘Diversity Clutha awareness statement’’ that it is aiming for people in the district to adopt: ‘‘We at [insert business name], an employer within the Clutha district, pledge to provide an inclusive, safe environment of equal opportunities for all. We also pledge that this will be delivered with dignity, respect and empathy with a high focus of fair treatment of everyone.’’

The youth councillors said they intended to create the afternoon to ‘‘provide Clutha district employers, employees and residents of all ages information to adopt the impact statement and proactively connect with all included from the community project’’.

‘‘Our aim is to encourage businesses to make the change where instead of turning someone away from a job, look for something they could do instead,’’ Mrs Proctor said.

The CDC’s decision to accept or decline the funding request will be made today in a council meeting.