About 60 Clutha district teachers, principals and supporters marked Thursday’s strike with a public demonstration at Balclutha’s Elizabeth St plaza.

‘‘There isn’t enough support for the huge range of responsibilities teachers are expected to manage, and not enough incentive to keep teachers in the profession or attract newcomers,’’Otago area NZEI field officer Jo Taylor said.

‘‘We’re asking the Ministry to come to the negotiating table next week with serious offers to help us do our best for our tamariki . . .If we don’t get acceptable offers we’ll have to go to the next level.’’

Besides pay and leave issues, teachers said more teacher-aides were needed to help with growing responsibilities including Mâori education and special needs students.

‘‘The kids we teach are going to be looking after us in our retirement homes, so we need to get this right,’’ Balclutha Primary School principal Vicki Neave said.