The Clutha District Council has honoured Pam Keddell for her outstanding contributions to the beautification of the Toko Golf Course with a community services award.

Over the past decade, Mrs Keddell has dedicated herself to improving the aesthetics of her local golf course, leaving a lasting impact for her community.

Her efforts have included planting gardens, maintaining seating areas, replanting trees, and sculpting to enhance the boundary lines of the golf course.

She is part of a team that has been working diligently to maintain and enhance the course’s beautification programme, which was initiated more than 50 years ago, and her dedication and hard work have resulted in the club grounds being enjoyed by local and visiting golfers throughout the South Otago district.

Her tireless efforts to keep the grounds free from weeds and maintain the gardens have significantly contributed to the overall beauty of the golf course.

‘‘I have always enjoyed gardening and the countryside, so along with the camaraderie with my fellow maintenance crew it is good for my own health and wellbeing,’’ Mrs Keddell said.

‘‘A golf course ticks all the boxes . . . appreciation is not required — but a bonus.’’

Mrs Keddell’s dedication to creating a visually appealing and enjoyable environment for golfers and visitors was truly commendable and her passion and dedication to the Toko golf course served as an inspiration to others, the council said.