A project manager of a new cycle trail extension in Waihola says he is more worried about dogs on the boardwalk than people falling off it.

The boardwalk is an extension of the current Clutha Gold Trail —which runs from Roxburgh to Lawrence — and is about to officially open the extension through from Lawrence to Milton and Waihola.

‘‘Concerned’’ comments on a Facebook post about the boardwalk extension were aimed at the absence of handrails on the new boardwalk, which will open later this month.

‘‘OK, we all know it will happen [someone will fall off the boardwalk], so where are the lifesaver rings,’’ one person commented on the post.

Another commenter answered by stating Lake Waihola seemed shallow in that area, but they would be ‘‘making sure’’ to hold their child’s hand if they were to go on the boardwalk.

Clutha Gold Trail Charitable Trust chairman Murray Paterson said a sign at the end of the boardwalk would be going up soon to state cyclists, walkers and runners should ‘‘share the walk and keep left’’.

‘‘We’re actually more worried about people taking dogs over the boardwalk.

‘‘Some people seem to have disregarded the signs about dogs not being allowed on the boardwalk, especially since there is currently pindone poison on the track for pest control.

‘‘It’s a health and safety issue.

‘‘The boardwalk is 2.5m wide, which is pretty standard for the entirety of the trail.

‘‘The boardwalk is in a swimming zone where the kids’ slide is in the lake [which] plenty of kids use in summer, so it’s a relatively safe zone.’’

Other boardwalks similar to the one just built had ‘‘no’’ problems.

‘‘There is a boardwalk in Nelson and one in Hokianga, and I know of one on the West Coast — that one is actually slightly narrower — that have not had any problems with people falling off.

‘‘It is well and truly wide enough for two cyclists to pass each other on.

‘‘People should walk within their needs or walk their bike on the boardwalk if they are worried — or just don’t walk on it at all.’’

There is an official opening of the extension at Lake Waihola on August 25.